Committed to develop each child towards the realization of its cognitive-affective based curriculum. It aims to develop the youth into an academically excellent individual.


  • RCapitalizes on readiness giving worthwhile experience and materials that let him do what he is ready to do now, while preparing him for the next step which is an ever present opportunity, opening up tomorrow without spoiling today.
  • RGeared to the times the children live in today.
  • RCaters to the individual needs of every child no matter his age or “I.Q.”.
  • RAll the full day children have, besides the academic subjects and specialized Montessori materials, many extra-curricular learning activities.



Beginning with an emphasis on expression, speech and clear diction, the children gain in self-confidence and soon become interested in various forms of expression, interpretation and dramatics.


Again the emphasis is on self-expression. Often a Montessori child writes before he reads as writing involves the single task of self-expression, whereas reading involves the interpretation of another’s ideas.


The program is individualized and no single method of teaching reading is used, but various combinations according to the interests and abilities of each child.


With a strong emplasis on phonics and meaning from the very beginning, the children learn to spell accurately and read meaningfully.


Young children are deeply interested in words, and the function of words, hence we give them an early experience in grammar and syntax.


This program aims to develop pupil’s knowledge and skills in applying the four fundamental operations in solving practical problems based on real-life activities. It gives pupils the capacity to understand some puzzling ideas related to their daily exercises. Fractions, measurements, use of money, decimals, ratio and proportion, geometry, graphs and scales are covered as well.


To respond to music is a natural and basic tendency. Our children have ample opportunity to explore music whether by creating new tunes on the bells or by interpreting it with modern dance under the guidance of specially trained music and modern dance teachers concerned with the appreciation and enjoyment of music.

Each child has two opportunities to perform before a large parent audience.


Even the younger child experiments with air, water, electricity, etc and reasons out the cause of each reaction himself thereby developing his intellect. Our purpose is to give the young child a clear impression of the physical environment, not to give him a lot of scientific information. A child goes home with his brains stirred — his reasoning powers and his memory sharpened.


Each child is encouraged to use his creative imagination through trial and error. From the beginning his work with the Montessori Sensorial materials helps refine his sense of color and other forms of discrimination, preparing him to see harmony in his surroundings, and using this in expressing himself artistically — he goes home with his feelings stirred too.


Heograpiya- naglalayon ito na mabigyan ang mga mag-aaral ng pananaw tungkol sa kapaligirang pisikal, panlipunan at pangkabuhayan; ang mga paraan ng pakikibagay/pakikiangkop at ang wastong pangangasiwa nito.

Kasaysayan- ito ang continuum ng mga suliranin, tagumpay at mga pangyayari na nakaimpluwensya sa kasalukuyan; ang mga pagbabago sa lipunan na naging sanhi ng pagsibol ng bago at maraming pagkakataon at pakinabang para sa paglinang ng kakayahan ng tao at ng mga programa sa kasalukuyang lipunan na naglalayong makatulong sa pagkamit ng minimithing bukas.

Sibika- tumatalakay ito sa ugnayan ng tao at ng pamahalaan; mga karapatang tinatamasa, bahaging dapat gampanan, tungkulin at pananagutan bilang mamamayan.


The Character Education program promotes ethical standards and code of behavior for the young pupils. It gears the pupils toward attitudes and values essential for their personal growth and development as well as for their role in the community and society as concerned and responsible citizen.

Admission POLICIES


Students are admitted on the basis of their ability to meet the academic and behavioral standards set by the school. The school reserves the right to refuse admission of any student who fails to meet the requirements set forth by the school. No student is considered officially enrolled unless the admission requirements were submitted and fully complied with.


List of Requirements for Admission:


In order to ensure the continuity of learning and safety of our community in this trying time, MSM has decided to implement a remote learning plan for School Year 2021-2022