About Us

Committed to develop each child towards the realization of its cognitive-affective based curriculum. It aims to develop the youth into an academically excellent individual.

Our History

The school was built and operated in 1987 in its first location at #13 Tanjeco St. San Vicente, City of Malolos by Dr. Eulalia Tantoco Almeida. The Department of Education officially recognized the school. In 1990, the first two (2) primary grade levels, Grades I and II were opened and operated in San Pablo in order to accommodate the preparatory level graduates. On November 1995, the school was granted with the permit to operate the complete intermediate course.
Mrs. Maria Lourdes Almeida Tomas has been the Academic Consultant since 1987 and the Directress since 1995. Mrs. Tomas obtained her Montessori training certificate from the American Montessori Society for 3-6 year old program in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She completed her training for 6-9 year old program at Midwest the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York. Mrs. Tomas is the Owner/Directress/Consultant of the Montessori School of San Pedro established in 1981 and Montessori Children’s Workshop at Biñan, Laguna established in 1989.


A carefully prepared learning environment that cultivates the mind, strengthens the skills and nurtures the spirit of the children we serve.

A community where the children are joyful, confident, lifelong learners who possess a deep sense of respect for self, others and their environment.


  • RTo encourage the child’s natural curiosity and love for learning.
  • RTo foster independent and confident lifelong learners.
  • RTo help the child develop skills to prepare him for life.
  • RTo provide:
    • A carefully prepared environment that promotes self-teaching and engaged learning.
    • An environment that is responsive to the needs of children.
    • An interesting and enriched environment that encourages the children to pursue their interests and explore their learning experiences.
    • An environment that promotes cooperation and respect.

  • RTo foster an environment of caring and sharing among the learners and between learners and teachers.
  • RTo foster pride in being a Filipino and develop in them a sense of responsibility as a citizen of the world.


Montessori School of Malolos is committed to develop each child towards the realization of its cognitive-affective based curriculum. It aims to develop the youth into an academically excellent individual.

An individual who has developed and sharpened his skills to think critically, reason out, abstract, imagine, investigate and find answers to questions related to his existence.

A child who is aware of his role as an individual in the society where he belongs.

A child who inspires others, without ever knowing.

A self-disciplined child who is imbued with a strong sense of mission and commitment to create a better community and a better world with cooperation of all men.

A child who is always equipped with desirable values and a mature understanding that these values should lead him to a life of service to God and his people.

Each individual course has its particular thrust in the education program to help achieve the general objectives set by the Montessori School of Malolos for all its learners.


In order to ensure the continuity of learning and safety of our community in this trying time, MSM has decided to implement a remote learning plan for School Year 2021-2022